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The Loire Castles

The Val de Blois Campsite is located in the heart of the castles of the Loire. Discover these old houses on the banks of the Loire, a few kilometers from your campsite.

Blois (at 5km)

The Royal Castle of Blois, an open history book and listed as a historical monument for nearly two centuries, is an unusual example of French architectural style changes spanning five centuries. In this Castle in the city center of Blois, you can walk in the footsteps of 7 kings and 10 queens of France.

Beauregard (at 10km)

Once a hunting lodge of Françis I, in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Beauregard is a name destined to belong to a place where the eye is King”

No doubt about it, the Renaissance architecture inspired it, which can be seen from the rooms, furniture, the wonderful English and French gardens…
And don’t miss the masterpiece of the chateau! The Gallery unfolds stories of 315 years European history from the 327 portraits. This ceremonial gallery also reveals the history of art.

Chambord (at 15km)

Built from 1519 during the reign of François I, who loved arts and hunting, Chambord became over time the world emblem of the French Renaissance. Major works in 2017 allowed him to get back his French gardens.

Cheverny (at 18km)

Open 365 days / year, recognized as the most beautifully furnished castle of the Loire, Cheverny will surprise you with its decoration and furniture.
The castle of Cheverny served as a model to Hergé, to draw the castle of Moulinsart. The permanent exhibition “The secrets of Moulinsart” brings to life the events that took place in this mythical place.

Discover the beautiful castle park by boat and electric cars (from April to November).
With the fame of its castle, it will be now necessary to add to Cheverny the fame of its gardens: contemporary, kitchen garden and garden of tulips.

Chaumont sur Loire (at 20km)

The Castle of Chaumont and its estate have become over the years a must for all lovers of art, architecture and gardens. Indeed, located on the banks of the Loire and overlooking the village of Chaumont sur Loire, you can enjoy its international festival of the gardens or its fully refurnished interior. Listed as a historic monument since 1840, the Castle of Chaumont has a lot to offer you.

Chenonceau (at 35km)

Exceptional site by its original design on the Cher, Chenonceau is an essential step of your circuit tour of the Loire Castles. This jewel of French historical monuments welcomes you every day, all year round. The visit of the various rooms, bedrooms and lounges, presents its unique history, since it was loved, administered and protected by women such as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medici. In addition to museum collections, Château de Chenonceau welcomes visitors as “guests of a day” with sublime bouquets of fresh flowers …

Amboise (at 40km)

At the dawn of the Renaissance, the powerful medieval fortress of Amboise gives way to a royal residence under the reigns of the Kings of France Charles VIII and Francis I. This high place of the History of France has an exceptional collection of Gothic and Renaissance furniture that testifies to the artistic refinement of the first French Renaissance. After the visit of the royal lodgings and the majestic towers, the walk continues in beautiful panoramic gardens overlooking the Loire.

Le Clos Lucé (at 40km)

At the Château du Clos Lucé, at the invitation of François 1er, Leonardo da Vinci lived for the last 3 years of his life and devoted himself to the culmination of his inventions and the study of great projects for the King. before dying in 1519. Enter his Universe and discover his apartments, his visionary spirit and his workshops, newly restored. Continue in the Park, a real open air museum, where 20 giant and interactive machines are presented in the heart of Nature. An astonishing rendez-vous between Genius, Art and History, a fun visit for the whole family.

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